The Streets of Bakersfield

I’ve been to San Francisco three, maybe four times, so far. I love Chattanooga but San Francisco is definitely my second-favorite city in the world.

Bakersfield is about 4.5 hours from San Francisco, and so far, I’ve not managed to work it out so I’d have the time to make the trip. I have an old pair of cowboy boots, though, and I’ve love to say that they’ve touched the streets of Bakersfield.

Dwight came to Chattanooga a few years back, and I was right down front to see him. Buck, well, as a kid, I knew him from Hee Haw, a show that my mom and my grandma watched faithfully… back when there were three channels and no DVRs.

Not everyone knows, but the Beatles were big Buck Owens fans, too, and they covered one of his songs:

Buck Owens is part of my history, an influence on one of my own favorites (Dwight), and he contributed so much to American music.

So that’s a thing for my personal bucket list… to walk the Streets of Bakersfield.

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